Image of Venezuelan Power Barges leaving Corpus for Venezuela
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Photos of Waller Marine Small Scale LNG designs
Image of Venezuelan Power Barges being built at Orange Shipyard
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Offshore green energy is our future.

Developing the technology to harness these resources for improved quality of life is what we do best at Waller Marine, Inc. From concept
to installation, we provide comprehensive solutions to meet your needs.

We have an integrated team of some of the brightest engineers and naval architects with extensive knowledge in a variety of industries,
thinking outside of the box to design alternative offshore oil and gas solutions. Utilizing sound engineering we solve complex problems,
meeting or exceeding regulatory standards.

As EPC Contractors, we have designed, constructed and installed Floating Power Plants using every available generating technology for
worldwide clientele. Waller Marine is a world leader in the creative design, engineering and construction of power barges.
Power Barges
Innovative Thinking. Sound Engineering
220 MW Combined Cycle Power Barge - Hyundai Engineering Co., Ltd.

  • 106M x 55.2M x 6M ABS Classed Barge
  • 4-LM 6000 Gas Turbines
  • Chilled Inlet Air
  • 4-Once Through Steam Generator
  • 55 MW Steam Turbine Generator
  • 6-Transformers
Image of 500 MW floating offshore power generation facility
A permanently moored semi-submersible platform with dimensions of300
ft by 200 ft supports the power plant and it's associated equipment.
supply, with diesel storage to maintain generation availability.

Consideration is given to reducing pollution by installing The power plant
may be operated similarly to any land based combined cycle generating
facility, with on-board operators performing similar functions. The
multiple turbines, gas compressors and transformers built into the design
provide a high degree of redundancy.
Image of 115 MW simple cycle power barge - Guayaquil, Ecuador
115 MW Simple Cycle Power Barge, Guayaquil, Ecuador
115 MW Simple Cycle Power Barge
  • Single Westinghouse 501D5A Gas Turbine
  • Step up Transformer, 230 KV
35 MW Power Barge, Enron Engineering and Procurement
90 MW Heavy Fuel Diesel Power Barge, Calaca, Philippines
35 MW Power Barge
  • Designed, Engineered, Constructed and
    Delivered to Lagos, Nigeria
  • Two (2) 35 MW Simple Cycle, Dual Feed
    GE Frame 6B Power Barge
90 MW Heavy Fuel Diesel Power Barge
  • Three (3) 30 MW Power Barges
  • One fuel Barge and One Cooling Water
    Pump Barge
  • 90 MW, 13.8 Kv, 60 Hz, 3 Phase
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The Margarita I and the Josefa Rufina I will become the world's largest floating power generation facility when installed side-by-side.
The two power barges were built at Signal International's shipyard in Orange, Texas. The generation facility is comprised of two
floating power plants and each is installed with a single GE 7FA gas turbine generator. The completed plant will generate much needed
Image of Power barges being built at Orange Shipyard
Launching of the vessels at Orange culminated a
fast-track engineering, procurement and construction
program undertaken by Signal and Waller to design,
construct and deliver the two power barges, each
having an output of 171 MW (ISO). This was
accomplished within a 180-day period.

Constructed to approval and survey of the American
Bureau of Shipping, each barge represents the largest
of its kind in the world. This first phase of the facility
will surpass the capacity of the Waller-designed, 220
MW combined cycle floating power plant installed in
India in 2001; which heretofore has been the world's
Image of Power barges being launched from Orange Shipyard
Margarita I and Josefa Rufina I moving to launch site

  • Length overall: 300 ft (91.4m)
  • Breadth: 100 ft (30.5m)
  • Depth: 20 ft (6.1m)
  • Draft: 7 ft (2.1m)
  • Deadweight: 6,700 Short Tons
  • Design Deck Load: 6,000 psf
  • Deck Square Footage: 30,000
  • Turbine Generator Type: GE 7FA
  • Generating Capacity: 171 MW - Simple Cycle
  • Construction: All Welded Steel
Image of Power barges in Venezuela
Power Barges, Margarita I and Josefa Rufina, in Venezuela
~Turning Challenges into Solutions~

Challenge us. We'll design a solution for you.
Our design portfolio includes a 220 MW combined cycle floating power plant using aero-derivative technology installed in Mangalore,
India Other designs that are in operation throughout the world use industrial turbines, heavy fuel diesel engines and steam turbines.
Current design work is being carried out on even larger power barges; a 520 MW combined cycle facility for U.S. installation and a
modularized Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC) power plant, using petcoke and coal gasification technology. Waller
Marine provides turnkey designs and project management services for barge-mounted power plants and full EPC services, from
design to installation.
Image of 220 MW combined cycle power barge-Hundai Engineering
Power barges were initially conceived as a means of monetizing stranded offshore natural gas, while simultaneously permitting
offshore oil production in the deep waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Interest is now being show by Independent Power Producers (IPPs)
to generate electrical power offshore in order to reduce the need for lengthy permitting applications needed for land based power plants.
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Image of 35 MW power barge - Enron Engineering & Procurement
Image of 90 MW heavy fuel diesel power barge, Calaca, Philippines
500 MW floating offshore power generation facility
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