Image of Waller Marine's ATB design
Marine Solutions to the Oil, Gas & Power Industries
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Photos of Waller Marine Small Scale LNG designs
Image of Venezuelan Power Barges being built at Orange Shipyard
Waller Marine Brochure
WMI Power Barge Brochure
Traditional Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering is the basis of
the Company's 30 plus years of operations. The Company has and
continues to provide every aspect of marine technical and regulatory
support to it's clients in all areas of marine transportation, facilities
and the offshore oil and gas industries.
Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering
Power Barge modeled using Plant Design Management System (PDMS) 12.0 SP5
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The depth of experience of its personnel in the fundamentals of
Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering permits the forging of
new ideas and conceptualized designs for marine based equipment
and facilities for the future.
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Image of meeting at Waller Marine headquarters in Houston, TX
Image of Waller Marine's Principal Engineer, Bill Hayden
Image of power barge modeled using Plant Design Management System (PDMS) 12.0 SP5
Image of GHS model used for Trim and Stability Analysis and Seakeeping
Image of Damage Stability Analysis
Image of ANSYS design
Image of Rhino piping design
Image of CADWORKS design
Image of GMOOR design
  • Trim & Stability Analysis
  • Inclining Experiments
  • Speed & Power Analysis
  • Seakeeping
  • Hull Structures, FEA Analysis
  • Conversion Projects
  • 3D Ship Design
  • FEA Analysis
  • 3D Pipe Layout
  • Mooring Analysis
  • Classification Compliance
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