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Photos of Waller Marine Small Scale LNG designs
Venezuelan Power Barges being built at Orange Shipyard
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WMI Power Barge Brochure
In the past, Waller Marine owned its own shipyard and designed and constructed a variety of vessels for clients. Today the Company
relies on the talents of other yards in it's contracting for vessels and marine equipment. This arrangement provides for a more effective
and efficient service to clients and a more economical solution by using the lowest cost qualified constructor.
EPC Contracting
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A Contract for the supply and construction of the world's first
barge mounted circulating fluidized bed combustion (CFBC) boiler
electrical generating facility has been awarded to Waller Marine.
The nominal 100 MW coal-fired power plant will be installed at
LLC, who will be supplying power into the Tennessee Valley
Authority system.

The Waller Marine designed barge-mounted power plant will be
constructed under supervision to ABS classification in a shipyard
located in China using Chinese CFBC technology. Comprised of
two barges, the steam barge and the turbine barge, the entire
plant, with the exception of coal and limestone storage and
material handling facilities will be integrated into the vessels and
transported by submersible ships to Mobile, Alabama. Returned to
the water at Mobile, the barges will be towed up the Tombigbee
Waterway for installation at Pickwick. Waller will act as EPC
contractor for the entire project, including the U.S. civil
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From conceptual design to installation, Waller Marine can provide a comprehensive solution to a client's needs.
Image of Pickwick Power LLC, barge mounted circulating fluidized bed, coal fired power plant
Waller Marine contracted to design and construct a dynamically
positioned Multi-Purpose Cable Lay Barge. This EPC contract
requires Waller to provide the full-scale supply of the barge and
all specialized cable storage and lay equipment delivered to
Nigeria. The vessel will be designed to lay electric cable, fiber
optic cable and umbilicals in the rivers and coastal estuaries of
Nigeria and in offshore waters up to 300 meters water depth.

The ocean going barge is designed specifically for cable lay
service. With dimensions of 275 ft x 75 ft x 16 ft, the vessel
will be classed by Lloyd's Register, meet all IMO requirements
and be flagged in the Republic of Panama.
Image of Cable Lay Barge design by Waller Marine
Pickwick Power LLC - 100 MW Barge Mounted
Circulating Fluidized Bed, Coal Fired Power Plant.
Cable Lay Barge
Projects include:
Image of Ocean Enterprise, Inc., Research Vessel - M/V Wm. A. McGaw
Image of 35 MW Power Barge Enron Engineering and Procurement
Ocean Enterprise, Inc., Research Vessel
"M/V Wm. A. McGaw"
35 MW Power Barge
Enron Engineering and Procurement
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