Image of Waller Marine's LNG ATB design, cutaway view
A Company Noted for Innovation
Waller Marine, Inc. (WMI) is a global leader in Floating Gas to Liquids (GTL), Floating Power Generation and Floating
Liquefaction (LNG). WMI is a Licensed Engineering Firm with EPC Capabilities.  

Since 1974, WMI has set the standard for high quality in Naval Architecture and Marine Services. The company employs a
diverse group of professionals to satisfy the multiple discipline practices associated with design, construction management,
regulatory assistance, project development and contractual compliance in the marine transportation and offshore industries.
Marine Solutions to the Oil, Gas & Power Industries
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Waller Marine, Inc.       14410 W. Sylvanfield Dr.        Houston, TX 77014        PH: 281.444.9650        FX: 281.444.8055  
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